Monday, April 6, 2015

Day 64: Drawing evil chickens and nice ducks with Emer Stamp

Check Emer Stamp's How to draw… evil chickens and nice ducks!

Growing up on a farm in Devon, Emer’s first ambition was to be a vet. But her ambition was cruelly dashed upon the jagged rocks of career failure by her inability to get a grade of any sort at A-Level biology.
Lucky for Emer, and the animal kingdom, she decided to concede defeat and turned her attention to graphic design – more specifically, record sleeve design. However, this was also not to be: just as she started her design degree, the 'record' became obsolete.
Hoping it would be third time lucky, Emer embarked on career in advertising. She moved to London in 1998 and began a long and winding journey through some of London’s top advertising agencies. She now holds a ludicrously pompous job title which makes her sound far more important than she actually is.
Emer is a keen runner, an over-enthusiastic kick-boxer and a terible speller.

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