Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 67: Drawing wolves with Nadia Shireen

Check Nadia Shireen's How to Draw... wolves.

Nadia is the illustrator of The Baby That Roared and thinks she was always destined to draw for a living. While growing up in leafy, sheepy Shropshire, Nadia would doodle on the back of her school exercise books. While studying in hilly, steely Sheffield she doodled all over her law degree notes. Then for nine years, in exciting, crowded, stinky London, she doodled on the back of big sheets of paper while working as a journalist on a wide range of magazines, including pop music bible Smash Hits. It was when she was working for Smash Hits that she began an evening course in children’s illustration, and then in 2007 she took doodling to new heights by starting an MA in children’s book illustration at Cambridge School of Art, where some kindly people suggested that she stop saying ‘doodling’ and start saying ‘drawing’.

Now she draws and writes stories for a living, which very much her dream come true. Her first picture book as an author/illustrator is The Good Little Wolf. It will be published in summer 2011 by Random House.

Nadia lives in London with her husband, where she enjoys listening to music, planning what to cook for dinner, shuffling around in big furry slippers, watching films and fantasising about owning a hypo-allergenic cat.

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