Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 79: Drawing a silly unicorn with Sarah McIntyre

Check Sarah McIntyre’s How to Draw... a silly unicorn.

Illustrator and writer Sarah McIntyre is easy to spot in her pointy glasses and hats. She makes picture books and comics with two other artists (Gary Northfield and Elissa Elwick) in an old police station – complete with jail cells! – in Deptford, south London. Right now she is collaborating with Philip Reeveto create at least four highly illustrated chapter books for Oxford University Press, starting with Oliver and the Seawigs, and the new Cakes in Space this autumn. She also has a collaborative picture book coming out with David O’ConnellJampires, which they both wrote and illustrated, and which began as a Comics Jam.

Visit Sarah's wondrous Web site!  

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