Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Path So Far

Some of you must have realized by now that I'm rushing quite a bit more than I had originally planned, and I'm actually working on a totally new guide every single day. What can I say? I got carried away, and it turns out that working on a brand new tutorial each day is much more fun (and addictive!) than I could have guessed. The obvious outcome is that I'll be running out of tutorials in a bit over a month or so, and this is why I'll be asking for help, hoping that any of the great illustrators out there, from any tiny bit of this Wonderful World Wide Web, might lend me a hand.

So if you've illustrated a book and you've made a brief guide (it can even be a single page long) showing how to draw something, like your main character or an animal, get in touch with me, and I'll publish your guide on my blog and wish you eternal happiness! :)

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