Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 112 (Sarahthon Day 1): Drawing Sarah McIntyre

You all know how much I admire Sarah's work, and how much I admire Sarah, not only as an artist and as an author, but also as a person -because she's one of the kindest and most adorable souls I've ever met... So to celebrate book day (just in case you didn't know, here, in Uruguay, we celebrate book day on May 26) I'll be organizing a Sarahthon! 

I was surfing around her amazing Web site last week and found tons of marvellous tutorials (I found a few of her video-tutorials on YouTube too), and well... just couldn't resist! For the next few days I'll go on a treasure hunt to find a few more -hope I get to find all of them!-, and every day I'll work on one of her guides, getting to know her characters a bit better, diving into the wonderful worlds she has created.

Remember to visit Sarah's Web site for more fun!  

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