Friday, July 10, 2015

Day 160: Drawing Big Mo with Megan Padalecki

I've been dreaming about drawing Megan's Big Mo since the very first time I saw this terribly cute iguana! An amazing story with a powerful message! 

Check Megan Padalecki's How To Draw... Big Mo!

Megan loves lines – in her job as an architect, she drew a lot of them.

Raised in San Antonio, TX, she honed her writing skills under the watchful eye of her English teacher mother.  In school, she was an "art kid" and editor of the literary magazine.  She received her degree in Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin, then headed west.
Megan once led a mob of fifth graders to sculpt a 20', Sendak-inspired "wild thing" out of sand on a California beach.  She is a passionate wanderer and avid sketcher of the natural and built world.   She has lived in Copenhagen and has traveled to six of the seven continents.  She dreams of seeing Antarctica before it's swallowed by a giant iguana.  
Extending beyond her practice in architecture, she applies the same design process to creating children's stories.  Her first children's book, Big Mo, was self-published with the approval of her young nieces and nephews. 
Megan lives in San Francisco, where she regularly sleeps through earthquakes.

Remember to visit Megan's Web site!

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